AIS/B Philosophy

The philosophy of AIS/B points to the education of future citizens who contribute to the development of their community. We provide an education which ensures that students achieve success academically while being productive citizens in society.

We strive to combine international educational styles with the Bolivian requirements, increasing the number of programs in order to offer our students more options to choose from.

We listen to suggestions and questions from parents. We individualize educational strategies through the inclusion of the teaching/learning techniques according to multiple intelligences, adjusting to special learning needs and maximizing each student's academic success.

We believe that every student is capable and has the right to reach their highest learning potential. For this reason, we offer our students a rich and stimulating learning environment, supervised by our teaching staff that guides their development and progress.

We emphasize mutual respect and human rights by promoting the recognition and appreciation of individual differences. In addition, we inculcate in our students a commitment to preserve the quality of our environment for a better life for future generations.

We promote and support academic excellence at every stage of development. We fully educate the individual so that young people can act responsibly and develop a social conscience that will lead to a better understanding and a deep interest in the problems of their country and the world community.




Educational Features

Personalized Education with a small number of students in each class.


International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO)

International Baccalaureate Latin America (IBLA)


South American  Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) for the U.S. High School  Diploma (AdvancEd).

Bolivian Ministry of Education according to Resolution. Ministerial Decree No. 108 for the Bolivian High School Diploma.


European Council of International Schools (ECIS)

Association for the Advancement of International Education (AAIE)

International Institute for European Education (IIEE)

Association of American Schools in South America (AASSA)

U.S.Department of State


Pre-Kinder – 12th






International Baccalaureate

U.S.High School Diploma

BolivianHigh SchoolDiploma

Language of Instruction


Spanish for national graduation requirements

Additional Languages Offered

Mandarin from 4th grade

Dutch, French and German from 7th  grade

Teaching Methods

Modified Montessori teaching method in Pre-Kinder and Kindergarten
Multiple Intelligences at all levels
Multimodal accommodation at all levels.

Supplemental Programs

Phonics Plus Whole-Language Based Elementary Literature Program.

Monterey Reading, Spelling and Math enrichment Program

Supplemental SMILE Mathematics Program for secondary students

Elementary Reading Readiness Program that nurtures reading for pleasure

Intensive English as a Second Language (ESL) program and Spanish as a Second Language (SSL) program


International Baccalaureate Curriculum combined with American and Bolivian systems

Human rights education

Special focus on multiculturalism, especially bringing together the cultures of the school’s international student body

Tutoring Program

Homework Club

Peer Tutoring Program in specific subjects as needed

Individual Tutoring Sessions for Secondary Students with Teachers

Preparatory classes for college entrance exams (SAT and PSAT)

Makeup courses for secondary students

Student Honors Programs

Elementary Honor Roll

National Honor Society (U.S.)

National Junior Honor Society (U.S.)

President’s Award for Educational Excellence (U.S.)

Community Service Award Program

Student Leadership Honor Program

Talent Award Program

Campus and Facilities

Located on four hectares, our campus includes a swimming pool, four soccer fields, a basketball court, a tennis court, two children’s playgrounds, cafeteria, library, computer lab, science labs, and music, art and video rooms. The school is handicapped accessible with an elevator in the main building.


Insurance against accidents, Door to Door bus services and cafeteria services.